Protective Packaging Solutions from Damasco
Protective Foam-in-Place Packaging Solutions from Damasco

At Damasco Packaging we stock a comprehensive range of protective packaging materials including:

  • Bubble wrap of all sizes large and small bubbles ranging from 1500mm - 300mm wide.
  • Void fill chips including a biodegradable void fill.
  • Corrugated paper rolls.
  • Foam on a roll in various thicknesses.

We can also supply the following options:

  • Anti rust paper.
  • Water resistant corrugated board.
  • Antistatic corrugated cartons.

Bespoke options:

  • Laminated bubble which can be printed with your company logo and details.
  • Bespoke corrugated fittings to prevent damage to your products which can also be achieved using bespoke foam fittings.

Please contact our sales team for more information on protective packaging.